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Bad things happen to the best of us

Having a personal accident plan helps prevent emergency out-of-pocket expenses.

Protect yourself and your loved one

Married couples get 10% off premiums.

Free child cover

Kids can get into scrapes! Aviva's free coverage gives parents a little peace of mind.

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Every insurance claim has a story behind it. We're glad we made a difference to people who needed us.

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Jeremy Leong (not his real name), aged 60, was playing tennis when he accidentally overstretched and felt pain in his shoulder. A visit to a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic revealed that he had suffered a shoulder injury. As Jeremy had Personal Accident insurance with us, he submitted a claim for his medical expenses. Our claims team followed up on the case closely until Jeremy was reimbursed.

There in their time of need

The Tan family (not their real name) from Singapore was about to enjoy a road trip vacation to Malaysia when their car overturned in Johor Bahru. Their daughter suffered serious injuries and had to be admitted into the ICU. Altogether, the Tans successfully claimed all their medical, ambulance and hospitalisation expenses and a temporary disablement payout.

We insure you & your family for these and more

Choose the right plan to match the people in your life or the lifestyle you have.

Summary of Cover Lite Standard Plus
Accidental death or disablement
Medical Expenses for Accidental Injury:?
Hospital treatment by?a Doctor
S$3,000 S$4,000 S$5,000
TCM or chiropractor therapy/treatment (as a sub-limit of the above) S$500 S$750 S$1,000
Hospital allowance as result of accident
(per 24 hour period that you're warded)
S$100 S$200
Personal liability (damage or injury to another person/thing that is caused by you)
S$100,000 S$200,000 S$300,000


  • 14-day money back promise
  • Terrorism cover
  • Medical expenses for illness or injury caused by insect or animal bites including Dengue or Zika

What's not covered

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Aerial and underwater activities
  • Any activities not listed in our product summary or involving speed or time trials

Level up your cover

Need enhanced coverage? Consider these add-ons when you buy our personal accident plan.

Weekly temporary disablement benefit

If you're unable to work and earn income due to your accident, this pays you S$200 every 7 days (up to 104 weeks)

Mobility aid and ambulance services reimbursement

Reimburses you for any doctor-prescribed mobility aids or ambulance fees charged. All items limited to a total of S$2,000.

What can I claim for?

Slips and falls

Be it at home or a public place, you can claim medical expenses for slip and fall accidents

Road traffic accidents

Even as a passenger in your own car or public transport, you're eligible to make claims if you're in an accident

Accidental injuries sustained while travelling to other countries

Stay protected even while on holiday or a work trip with our 24/7 global coverage

Worldwide cover for hospitalisation and medical treatment

Wherever you're travelling or stationed in the world, your Aviva plan gives coverage for medical treatment as a result of an accident

How to make a claim

Submit your claim as soon as reasonably possible, but no later than 7 days after the incident.

Step 1

Download your claim form here

Include as many details of the incident as possible, such as original documents like medical/purchase receipts.

Less missing information means faster processing! We will keep you informed if we need other documents beyond receipts.

Personal accident claims form

Step 2

Return it to us by email

Make sure to include any supporting documents, such as police reports or receipts.?

To submit original documents, post it to us at this address:
Aviva Personal Accident Insurance Claims, Aviva Ltd.,
4 Shenton Way, #01 - 01 SGX Centre 2,
Singapore 068807

Got a question? Call us.

Step 3

We'll respond quickly

Wait for our acknowledgement email or call within 2 working days from the time we receive your claims submission. If we need further information, we'll get in touch within 30 working days.?

Once your claim is approved, an email will be sent to you.?Your claims payout will be paid via PayNow within 1 to 2 business days.

Make sure that your PayNow account is registered under your NRIC in order to receive the payment successfully.

Otherwise, the bank will mail you a physical cheque.

Got any questions?

Do I qualify for Aviva Personal Accident insurance?

?To qualify for personal accident insurance from Aviva, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You live in Singapore for at least 183 days in a year and hold valid NRIC(s) / FIN(s).
  • You are aged between 16 and 70 years old.
  • You have not previously been refused accident, financial protection, health, life or medical insurance, had special conditions imposed for insurance coverage, or had your policy cancelled or terminated.
  • You do not have more than 12 demerit points on your driving license and your driving license(s) has not been revoked or suspended in the last 3 years.
  • You have not been and are not compounded, charged in court for any non-traffic offence or criminally convicted.
  • You are not engaged in duties involving heavy manual work or any manual work with use or control of machinery or with exposure to extraordinary health, accidental or special hazard.

Which occupation class should I select?

You may select the occupation class based on the description provided below as well as on the portal. At the moment, we provide insurance for anyone who falls under occupation class 1 or 2 only.

Occupation class 1:

You are engaged in only indoor desk-bound administrative, clerical, executive, managerial or professional duties on land of a non-manual nature. E.g. Accountant, Actuary, Clerk, Dentist, Doctor, Housewife, Retiree, Salesperson etc.

Occupation class 2:

You are not in Class 1 and are engaged in duties on land involving light manual work without any use or control of machinery and with no exposure to extraordinary health, or accidental or special hazard. E.g. Hairstylist, store man etc.

We do not provide insurance if you are engaged in duties involving heavy manual work or any manual work with use or control of machinery or with exposure to extraordinary health, accidental or special hazard.?

If you are unsure of your occupation class or whether you are eligible to purchase, please call our Customer Services Department at 6827 9966 or contact us at?

What is the difference between Personal Accident Lite, Personal Accident Standard and Personal Accident Plus?

The difference is in the maximum amounts payable per person in the event of a claim. You can view the Summary of Cover and compare the amounts payable for each of the policy features, to help you choose the one that is right for you.?

What does your personal accident insurance cover?

Are my children covered?

This policy automatically covers your children, as defined in the policy wording, for up to 20% of the applicable limits detailed on your Summary of Cover. There is no need to name your children under the policy. In the event of a claim, you will be required to produce any necessary supporting document(s) to support your claim.

What do I do when I'm injured?

Traffic accident

Call the Police if you are involved in a traffic accident.

You will also need to exchange certain details with the other parties, even if you think the accident wasn't your fault. The details you should give and get from other involved are:

  • Their name(s) and NRIC/FIN Number(s)
  • Their address and telephone contact number
  • Their vehicle registration number and name of their Insurance Company.
  • If you are able to, take photographs of the scene using a camera or mobile phone.


Injured overseas

Call your travel insurance hotline if you are injured overseas.

Although your Personal Accident Policy covers for overseas accident up to 182 days during any policy year, we recommend that you purchase travel insurance separately so that if there is any emergency medical issue that needs attention, you should call your travel insurance emergency assistance hotline for help.

Should you purchase Aviva Travel Insurance, we provide emergency assistance whilst overseas. All you have to do is call.

For more information on Aviva Travel Insurance claims tips, please visit this link


Consult a registered doctor

If you sustained an accident injury, you should seek treatment at a clinic or hospital, legally licensed registered Chinese physician or chiropractor.

Treatment should be rendered within 365 days from date of accident.

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Please refer to the Policy Document for detailed terms and conditions. Information is accurate as at November 2020.?

This policy is protected under the Policy Owners’ Protection Scheme which is administered by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation (SDIC). Coverage for your policy is automatic and no further action is required from you. For more information on the types of benefits that are covered under the scheme as well as the limits of coverage, where applicable, please contact us or visit the GIA or SDIC websites ( or